1956 Tonka Kroger Private Label Semi

1956 Tonka Private Label Kroger Semi

Very few 1956 Kroger semis were manufactured. As of April 2012, 3 have crossed the auction block in the last 10 years. There are at least two very different story lines associated with the Kroger semi. One begins with two toy manufacturers competing for the Kroger account. Tonka and Dunwell were the two toy companies banging heads. Tonka submitted their version as featured above. Dunwell submitted their version as featured below. Dunwell won out. The other story has Tonka being the successful suitor and the Tonka version being available to Kroger employees and customers both. Go figure. Photo courtesy Ray Ross.

Value: An original trailer only, good minus condition, heavy oxidation all over, decals good minus, missing rear door handles, sold on eBay for $205 USD in late March 2009.

1956 Dunwell Private Label Kroger Semi

Original, unretouched, 1956 Dunwell semi. These trucks were given to store managers. Photo courtesy Richard Gresh.

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